Thursday, February 3, 2011

Here goes nothing...

I hope HE's not mad

what have I done?


  1. sometimes, the idea came out like a pouring rush of rapids, engulffing(?) me, taking me into its abyss

    so what i do; i categorize each ideas into tabs. thus came out 4 blogs like payabesarpedas, akuskizo, aderberani, and my lovely 'mywife n kids'...

    to blogwalk each is time consuming and tiring.

    so i came out with this blog with links to my other blogs only. this way i only have to blogwalk one blog.

    giggling the google is giving images found via the Google Image Search a new meaning. I am terribly sorry for this thus would like to extend my blanket permission to use your pictures.

    what a waste letting it floats in the net like that...

    lets giggle the google

    and get paid doing it.

    so yeah.